“there aren’t bloody well enough parts for women”

In Hong Kong, school is most definitely out for Summer.  So me, my students, my colleagues and this blog will be taking a holiday and, even if I do say it myself, a well-earned and necessary break. Those of you in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy, and for those of you below the equator – you will get your turn!

For my last post for a while, I want share an article with you about the opportunities for women in theatre.  This week, the actors’ union Equity in the UK spoke out, highlighting the need for better employment opportunities for women. It was an act sparked by a well-known and respected theatre’s current season, which includes productions of Henry V and A Winter’s Tale from the all-male company Propeller – a choice of casting that, of course, reflects Shakespeare having written for a company of boys and men.

Propeller are a stunning company who create amazing and compelling work.  I know, I’ve seen them twice in HK and their interpretation of Taming of the Shrew (above) was possibly the best I’ve seen (for another time!). They are often cited in this debate, but I have to say, for me, they are a scapegoat. The situation goes much deeper (and back in time). For a world that is generally thought to be populated by liberal thinking people, I still find this very disheartening. Have a read……….

There aren’t bloody well enough parts for women

And when you have,  have a good think about where, across the globe, is indigenous theatre dominated by men?

Thank you.

See you in August.