Since I began this blog, it has developed a life and forged its own direction. My original intention was to create a space where I could share the incredible diversity that is World Theatre and inspire my students to widen their understanding of the possibilities of performance. I hope it does this. Interestingly, it has also become something that I really value doing because it challenges me to stay on top of everything that is happening out there – good and bad. It has developed a voice, opinions, beliefs and so on. I am happy to be challenged. That is the whole point. I want my students to tell me that they don’t agree, as longer as they can tell me why!


I try to make sure that the content reflects global history, development and innovation in performance, drawing on what the creative and academic community are generous enough to share. My only restriction is that I have to draw primarily on english language sources.

One thing I should mention is my sourcing, I have to practice what I preach in terms of academic honesty. When I reproduce an article, I always say who wrote it, where it was published and add a hyper-link to the original publication. Images are a little more difficult, but I alway try to attach the link to the original site or image so when it is opened you can see where it came from. Videos, usually from Youtube or Vimeo, remain without attributions as the act of watching them tells you their source. Audio tracks are either in the public domain or I give a link to the originating site.

If you come across anything you think would be useful to share, please get in touch.

Ian Baker

King George V School
Hong Kong



5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. One of my favourite IB Theatre mentors….I admire you even more Ian!! Thanks for sharing.. You are always fab at that! Liane xxx

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