Key Resources

As I explore theatre and performance through the digital world, I occasionally come across sites that will be a constant source of evolving reference. I have decided to list the ones that have most potential for continued research use.


Asian Traditional Theatre and Dance, an online reference book, based at the Helsinki Theatre Academy in Finland, covering the whole region in some depth – a stunning resource. Written by Jukka O. Miettinen for the Helsinki Theatre Academy:12 country profiles ♦125 theatrical genres in their own chapters ♦ over 30 video clips ♦ synopses of important plays ♦ pop-up texts with additional information related articles ♦ over 1200 photographs ♦ gallery section for quick use of the illustrations.

untitled_fotor9Introduction to Theatre in India is still a work in progress but is a good, concise source of the history of theatre in the Indian sub-continent by David Mason, PhD Associate Professor of Theatre, Rhodes College

Untitled_FotorCultural China – Opera, is an introduction to all things Chinese Opera. Jam packed with history, interviews, theatre companies and so on. Something that you can browse through for hours.

Untitled_FotortheatreVOICE is an online audio resource about British theatre, and features journalists from across the UK press and practitioners from across the theatre industry. It was set up in 2003 to see if theatre could be talked about in a new way. Whilst it has an obvious UK bias in terms of being useful for World Theatre, much of its archive has great universal value and after all, the elements of theatre production is the pretty much the same everywhere. There are many, many fantastic interviews..

Untitled_FotortdfSTAGES is New York based and has lots of interesting bits and pieces on it, such as Theatre 101, a video guide to everything theatre and categories such as set and costume design.


Drama Online is a new site that, in it’s own words, introduces new writers alongside the most iconic names in playwriting history, providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides. Currently it is in BETA development, but there is already so much on there. To get to the plays, you will have to have a subscription, but a lot of the areas, such as the Playwrights & Practitioners and Genres pages, are accessible to all users. If this continues to grow it will become a key resources for theatre students everywhere.

A and S

Actors & Performers is a newly launched sister-site to Drama Online that hosts information for theatre professionals. A professional advice and contacts resource for actors and performers at all stages of their careers, to quote the site, which is beginning to carry some really good information, especially in the Expert Advice section.


HowlRound is a US based site that, to quote their website, design and develop online knowledge platforms and in-person gatherings that promote access, participation, organizational collaboration, field-wide research, and new teaching practices to illuminate the breadth, diversity, and impact of a commons-based approach to theater practice. Based at Emerson College, Boston, it is very much a cutting-edge academic site, that has some excellent discussion in its journal as well as its own live streaming project, HowlRoundTV.


fouthwall is the online version of a UK based magazine that is aimed students in the performing arts. It carries a wide range of content, with the Interview, Advice and Articles sections are particularly good, covering every aspect of theatre making. Well worth a dive in for academic research as well information for those of you who want to study any aspect of performance at a higher level.


Stage Milk is an Australian based acting and theatre information site that offers a range of resources and information for students, actors and writers. Established in 2012 the site focuses in key areas, including articlesacting resourcesuseful lists and Shakespeare information.


ACTORhub is a UK based site aimed at professional performers and is interesting in itself for that.  However, the Techniques section is a great resource for theatre students, covering a great range of practitioners and genres. To quote the site Actor Hub is written BY actors FOR actors and the Tips sections leaves you in no doubt of that fact.


PuppetVision Blog is a great resource by a Canadian chap, Andrew, who is a professional puppeteer. It contains information about all kinds of puppetry from right around the world.

Untitled_FotorTheatre Dictionary is another venture by TDF, an online video dictionary describing itself as guide to theatre lingo!  Nicely done.

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