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Every now and then I come across theatre/performance blogs, vlogs and podcasts that are really worth following so I thought I would list them separately from my main page.

Chasing The Trickster – Adventures in the Rehearsal Rooms of Europe.

This is written by Ashley Scott-Layton, a Director and Writer who is on quest across Europe to learn about alternative theatre practices.

Gustavo Thomas Theatre ….. My life is my own theatre…

This is written by Gustavo Thomas, a Director, Actor and Writer who writes about a vastly wide range of theatre practices and traditions.

Gustavo Thomas Butoh Vlog A Butoh dance video journal

Another one by Gustavo Thomas that charts his explorations and training in Butoh.

Forced Entertainment Fragments from behind the scenes

A blog that follows the development process behind the work of internationally acclaimed Forced Entertainment.

Tim Etchells 

Etchells is a man of talents, primarily an artist, but also artistic director of Forced Entertainment. This blog is personal and fascinating, covering all aspects of his work.

Marcus Romer’s Blog

Marcus Romer is one of my favourite theatre practitioners. He is artistic director of Pilot Theatre, a published playwright, director & actor.

British Council Drama & Dance Blog

One that follows the work of the British Council Drama and Dance Team as they work in collaboration with companies and practitioners around the world.

British Theatre Guide

Not great for world theatre, obviously, but there are some great ‘features’ and podcasts.

The Shakespeare Blog

Written by Sylvia Morris brings together all things Shakespeare from around the world.


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