Silent Listening

Following on from my post about mime a few days ago, I have found audio interviews with the some of the performers I mentioned, courtesy of Exeunt Magazine.

Firstly from UK-based theatre company Stan’s Cafe (pronounced ‘caff’) on their latest production The Cardinals, ‘a chaotic and jubilant romp through key Bible stories, the Crusades, and with a final gesture towards Israel/Palestine’s current turbulence’. Graeme Rose, Gerard Bell and Craig Stephens, and director James Yarker, discuss the show with host Dorothy Max Prior:

And secondly, Phil Soltanoff discusses the revival of his piece Plan B, a collaboration with Aurélien Bory’s  Compagne 111 (of Sans Objet in my previous post), celebrating its tenth anniversary as part of the London International Mime Festival. With Dick McCaw, he explores issues surrounding circus, authorship, visual dramaturgy and geometry onstage:

And finally one I didn’t mention, but would like to share is, Letter’s End, by theatre clown Wolfe Bowart of whom it is said
combines the pensive humour of French physical theatre with the slapstick of Charlie Chaplin, [and] with the aid of an array of marvellously inventive props and surprises
In this discussion, hosted by Dick McCaw, Bowart discusses trade secrets, the nature of the clown, and his 99-year-old grandmother-in-law’s take on his work:

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