And The Winner Is………

And finally today, a little bit of fun. Three months ago an online radio station launched. Nothing unusual in that, I hear you say, except that this one is devoted to 24/7 show tunes – I kid you not – wall to wall musicals – my nightmare manifested online. The station is called Jemm Three Radio. Take a look at ‘Our Presenters’ page – it had me in fits of laughter, especially Stephen Beeny. Celine Wong and Cyril Ma (my students) this one is for you.


The station asked listeners to vote for their best musical of all time (!!!) and the results were followed up by Lyn Gardner in her blog as an open thread which you can read here. I urge you to read through the treads – they are so passionate, it is unnerving (and a little odd).

OK. That’s enough – I’m off to have a shower as I feel unclean after writing this,


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