Same Same……..

This is a fantastic idea. The Tribeca Film festival in Lower Manhattan is currently underway. As part of this year’s festival the winner of The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series competition was announced.  The idea was that all entrants based their submission around the same script written by Geoffrey Fletcher. The script had no stage directions and no named/gendered characters and the rest was up to you and your creativity. You can read the script here.  The result is such a great variety of imaginations. Enjoy.


I reckon you could easily do the same with this little play by Heiner Muller:


A May I lay my heart at your feet.

B If you don’t make a mess on my floor..

A My heart is clean..

B We’ll see, won’t we..

A I can’t get it out..

B Would you like me to help you..

A If you wouldn’t mind..

B It’ll be a pleasure. I can’t get it out either..

A cries.

B I will remove it surgically. What have I got this penknife for anyway. We’ll have this sorted out in no time. work will keep you from despair. Right, there we are. But this is a brick. Your heart is a red brick..

A Yes, but it beats only for you..

A beats B to death with the brick..
(Addition, July 1991).

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