Digital Theatre

One of things that has frustrated theatre teachers and students for years is a problem of visual resources. Plays are are rarely recorded in their original form – i.e. using the stage and the set on which they were performed.  If they were, it was a single camera shot that meant most of the subtly of performance and dramatic tension was lost. The alternative was to film a version using the same actors but in a host of different locations, in essence turning from a piece of theatre into a movie – again not much use for students of live performance.

CaptureHowever, in the last couple of years this has begun to change, thankfully. Digital Theatre is a resource that is growing rapidly, capturing British theatre in its original form. This company are building their range of productions and they can be accessed in a variety of ways at quite low cost – sadly not much in life is free.

This is a trailer for their recording of Abi Morgan & Frantic Assembly’s Lovesong, and you get a real sense of the theatricality they have managed to capture.

They also have a daily blog, THE JOURNAL – A Global Culture Mix which whilst not always having a theatre focus, does share some interesting bits and pieces. This week they have started to use guest editors on the journal, and their first is Michael Attenborough, a very well respected director. Take a look!

If anyone of you know of any other similar online services, I would really like to know and share. Please leave a comment if you do.

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