Specific Reflections

I have been keeping this blog for a month and over the weekend, I looked back at what I’ve posted about……and it made me realise a couple of very significant things.

Firstly, just how much I have learned about world theatre, and more particularly Asian theatre, since I started teaching IB Theatre Arts 6 years ago. What an amazing journey! Mostly, my performance education was largely in the western canon and generally about dead, white male theatre practitioners, so now to have knowledge and understanding about so much more is empowering.

Secondly, there are some trends emerging which reflect my own personal interests in a very obvious way – political (sorry Dennis!), site specific and dance theatre, as well as technology in multimedia performance. I knew it, but it is interesting to see it laid bare in front of me.

Site specific theatre is my current passion, fuelled by work with Dr Sally Mackey, from the Central School of Speech and Drama, and Lynne Bradley from Brisbane-based physical theatre company, Zen Zen Zo. This brings me to the this:

Everyday Moments 12: audio drama for private performance

This is a series of podcasts that have been created by different artists to be listened to in specific places, at specific times. Glorious sound scapes and, in my book, very site specific.

Enjoy, when you have 10 minutes

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