The Umbrella Revolution

10636707_355054934652158_6232680504221465809_oBefore I begin posting today, I am compelled to write a few words about what is happening in Hong Kong where Theatre Room is based. It would be entirely wrong of me not to, as Theatre Room has an international readership. As I write this on National Day, it’s hard not to be in wonder at what is happening on the streets of our city. The last few days have had us all running the gamut of emotions. Little else is being discussed, dissected, prophesied and judged. The Umbrella Revolution, as it has been dubbed, is a truly profound experience. I’ve watched my social media feeds turning yellow and at every

new image, I well with tears of pride and astonishment. There is a determination amongst the student occupiers not to alienate fellow citizens. Rather then, to convince them that it matters and it is important. It’s working. People are coming out to support them because of how they are conducting themselves, which says so much.

How long it will continue and what the outcome will be is unknown and uncertain. However, the hope and the passionate belief that Hong Kong’s future will be a democratic one is palpable. We know the eyes of the world are on us, as does Beijing. Where ever we sit, be it on the street, at home, at work or at school, we are waiting for what comes next. From my window, across Stanley Bay, is a PLA barracks, hidden and, I can’t help feeling, brooding. The basic law allows for their deployment, should the authorities be unable to cope with a situation. We all hope that the change of tactics by the police and the withdrawal of the riot squads make this a diminishing prospect. National Day always has it’s tensions but this year they are immensely tangible and it is troubling when you hear the words ‘Tianamen’ and ‘Hong Kong’ uttered in the same breath.

All that said, at the moment it is peaceful and the pervading feelings are of pride and hope for a future where people have the right to determine their own lives. My hope, with every ounce of my being, is that it stays that way.

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