Breathing Life

Peter Glanville

Peter Glanville

My first post today is a follow-up to an earlier one, On A Wing And A Prayer, about a puppet production of Macbeth and puppetry for adults. Theatre Voice has just interviewed Macbeth’s director Peter Glanville who talks about the show, puppetry in general and its popularity and you can listen to the interview here:

Director Peter Glanville talks puppets and puppetry

It is a worth while listen, as he talks about Bunraku as a puppetry form and why there is a trend for creating puppet theatre for adults. You are left in no doubt that puppetry is a thriving world theatre form that is increasingly being embraced by theatre critics and audiences alike. Long may this continue.


In the interview, reference is made to the Suspense Festival, which Glanville started a few years ago, which focuses on puppetry that is specifically made for adult audiences. This year’s festival is about to open, featuring work from companies from a number of countries, much of which has toured internationally. Check who is performing here and just what a diverse range of puppetry style are being showcased.

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