Scene Changes

artworks-000059233832-ig6cjh-t200x200So my first share, from the mountains of material coming out of the National Theatre, is a series of podcasts called Scene Changes. These are for those theatre geeks and techies out there (including myself) and look at some of the developments and changes in theatre, both off and on stage, over the past 50 years.

The first one is about the building itself – the theatre – and how the architecture of theatre spaces has evolved and changed, embracing technology as it has been developed.  It is not something that we think about too often – sadly, new theatre buildings are rare – but this gives a great insight into the process:


The second looks at the role of the sound designer, how technology has advanced the industry, and how it adapts to other onstage developments:


There will be lots more of these to come and I will post them as they become available.

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