Practical Explorations

Well, I’m now on vacation. I have spent the last week packing up my department. When we return in August we are moving into brand spanking new facilitates, state of the art teaching and performance studios, and we are all very excited. So many possibilities. Amongst all this I watched a truly inspired performance of Artaud’s Spurt of Blood by our Theatre Arts students, more of which I will share in another post. What a week!

But enough of all that.  What I want to share today is another blog Chasing The Trickster. It is written by Ashley Scott-Layton, who is an English writer-director and it charts his travels across Europe to discover more about European theatre practice (and how it differs to that of his homeland). In his own words, the blog will track my forays into the rehearsal rooms of Europe, where I hope to learn more about the exciting theatre cultures of each country.


It is a fascinating read and you can drop in and out as you wish.

By the way, the name of his blog comes from European folklore where The Trickster is a shape shifting rogue known for disobeying normal rules and conventional behaviour.

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