Stories that need to be told

I must be on holiday, as I have time post!

Today I want to share three videos that have at their heart the human want to tell stories, but primarily through theatre.

Firstly from David Binder an american theatre producer who is interested in taking performances off the stage. Here, at a TEDx conference he talks about how last summer he found himself in a small Australian neighbourhood, watching locals dance and perform on their lawns — and loving it. He shows us the new face of arts festivals, which break the boundary between audience and performer and help cities express themselves.

Then from Sam West, a hugely accomplished theatre director and actor. Whilst this is somewhat UK-centric he is essentially talking about how we, as theatre practitioners, should be telling everyone’s stories, whether funders and governments want us to.

And finally one from Shane Koyczan, poet and artist. His poem “To This Day” is a powerful story of bullying and survival, illustrated by animators from around the world.

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