In The News

A few images from the news in the last week

Goma, Democrati Republic of Congo The Busara Contemporary Dance Company rehearse a production about child soldiers.

Beijing, China. Young students from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts Middle School share a moment backstage before their Peking Opera performance, Nine-tailed Fox.

A victim of the Lapindo mud volcano takes part in a theatrical performance on a retaining dike in Sidoarjo, East Java.. Six years after it erupted from the well of a gas company linked to one of Indonesia’s richest men, the mud volcano known as “Lusi” is still spewing its toxic sludge over Java’s countryside. All attempts to plug the geyser have failed and new spouts are opening up, threatening to destroy more villages, homes and livelihoods in the East Java district of Sidoarjo.

And if you haven’t seen this yet – it’s been doing the rounds on social media – live your theatre journey by it

Art Should Comfort The Disturbed and Disturb The Comfortable

Ceser A Cruz

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